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Our goal is to offer the best medical supplies in the area of Endourology and Endovascular. MSB has a quality system that ensures the requirements of RDC 665/22 ANVISA, so that the products are marketed safely and effectively.

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Endourology is the approach to urological diseases by means of endoscopy. Nowadays, almost all the main pathologies in this area can be treated by introducing instruments through the urethra, without the need for invasive methods such as cuts or punctures. MSB has the best solutions in products for this area.

Double J Ureteral Probe;
T-Force Extraction Catheter;
Sapphire Extraction Catheter;
Irrigator MSB;
Hydro Guide Wire;
Ureteral Dilator;
Ureteral Introducer Sheath MSB;

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One of the main advances of the endovascular treatment method is the approach: the access to the patient's vascular system is done through small incisions, using accessories such as guide wires and catheters. Get to know our products and vouch for our quality;

MSB T Guide Wire;
Lunderquist Guide Wire;
MSB Catheter Introducer Set;

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11 May 2022

Endovascular surgery: what it is and what it is used for

16 April 2021

ANVISA GMP Certification

The certification in Good Manufacturing Practices Classes III and IV provides MSB with new opportunities in the Brazilian market.
16 September 2019

MSB has a new face

To mark the ten years and a new phase of MSB Medical System do Brasil a renewal of the company's Visual Identity was idealized.